Motivation: This idea was born out of conversations I had with a friend some years back. He was a musician and we discussed the idea of separating out, transcribing, and recording the instrumental tracks found in popular songs.
Overview: The initial idea was to develop this as a tool to assist musicians wishing to learn specific instrumental parts by separating the individual tracks from the mix. Further conversations with musicians have shown me that it is possible to record a track, load it into an MP3 player, and hook the player up to the amp so that the track can be played during a performance without the actual instrument being present. For example, one could have a virtual keyboardist by recording the keyboard track and then playing it during a performance without the use of an actual keyboard player.


Business Prospects: Obsolete. Available programs like Virtual DJ and MixMaster pretty much do what this concept intended. Using products such as the iPod to play instrumental parts during live performances has become commonplace. As they say, there's an app for that.

Icon credits: Guitars -, synthesizer -, drums -, mixer -