Motivation: In 2006 I was looking for some Christmas cards that would be uniquely Oregonian. I was unable to find any commercially available ones that I liked and considered and rejected the idea of using plain grey cards as too depressing (however accurate) for the season. I wanted cards that utilized an Oregon theme and that could be used either as Christmas cards or as informal greeting cards.
Overview: Oregon is home to nearly fifty covered bridges and I have spent the past several years photographing them as time has allowed. Most of the bridges were built in the 1930's and many were renovated or restored in the late 1980's and early 1990's. It occurred to me that I could create greeting cards using these photographs.

Commercially available covered bridge cards all use color photos. This was not the look I wanted. I wanted a more subtle effect, so I used an image manipulation program to convert some of my photos to simulated pencil drawings and had one photograph, of the Gilkey bridge, professionally rendered in pen-and-ink. I then distributed these prototypes to likely vendors in throughout the state.

Business Prospects:

After aggresively pursuing this concept I have determined that the reason that there aren't any pen-and-ink covered bridge cards is because there is not a sufficient market for them to be commercially viable. I contacted vendors and historical societies around the state and no one wanted to carry this type of card. In light of this information, I have altered my original color photographs to produce a softer and more 'artistic' look.

The development of these cards spurred me to develop other product, available for viewing here.

Anyone interested in this venture may contact me at

Clicking on the thumbnail will open a page displaying the exterior and interior of each card. In order to gauge the market, I'm asking visitors to select the cards they like in the 'Select' column by clicking in the check boxes. I've included an example of a mug and stamp using a pen-and-ink drawing. The only information recorded is the specific selections, plus whatever comments you might have. Thanks!

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