Although most of my work has been on the commercial side of HVAC and energy, I have turned my attention to market opportunities on the residential side. Changing technology and legislation have opened markets in this segment and allowed the introduction of services previously reserved for commercial customers.


My development work has focused on three areas: Lodging property HVAC Rcx, Residential HVAC Test and Balance (TAB), and Energy Saving Measure (ESM) performance verification for the residential and small business market.

Business Prospects:
Lodging property RcxMy experience in the lodging industry and interviews with maintenance staff and energy professionals indicates that this is a grossly underserved market. You can find a paper I've written on the the subject and a PowerPoint presentation for property owners here. (Scroll to bottom of page).
Residential TABOnce exclusively the province of the commercial sector, rising energy costs, increasing consumer awareness, and changing legislation have made HVAC TAB viable for the residnetial and small business markets. There are a number of companies that offer this service in some form and at least one company whose sole business is residential TAB. You can read the Executive Summary for my business plan for this service here.
ESM verificationAs people spend more money on reducing energy use, they would like to know if they are, in fact, realizing the savings they paid for. While a few installing contractors offer verification after the fact, most do not. I have developed several tools to evaluate actual energy use after an ESM installation that control for variables so that customers know they are comparing 'apples-to-apples'. You can see the Executive Summary for this business plan here, and see the website for the concept here.