Motivation: Like most people of even a moderate artistic bent I look for ways to turn ideas into profit.

Over the years I've created a variety of images and graphics and judging from the graphic selection available on commercial products I thought that some of my products might be competitive. The idea to develop product came as an outgrowth of ideas I've had for a number of years but was spurred by the development of the Covered Bridge Cards.

Business Prospects:

Unknown. I've sold some product with my original graphics but have no idea of the potential market. This page is designed to facilitate the market research phase of developing a business plan. It's secondary purpose is to aquaint a larger audience with my work.

Anyone interested in developing or selling product may contact me at

In order to gauge the market, I'm asking visitors to select the product they like in the 'Select' column by clicking in the check boxes. Clicking on the thumbnail will open a larger image in a new window. The only information recorded is the specific selections, plus whatever comments you might have. Thanks!

NOTE: This is strictly a market research effort on my part. I do not work for, nor do I represent, any third-party commercial interest. All responses are completely anonymous. The submission of contact information (e.g. email address) is completely voluntary and is only necessary if you would like a response directly pertaining to the survey. If you do supply contact information, I will not distribute, supply, or otherwise make it known to any other person or organization. If you would like to contact me directly you may do so at

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Oregon Regular Mug
Oregon Ringer Mug
Oregon Travel Mug
Four Rules of Management Regular Mug
Four Rules of Management Ringer Mug

























Fire Escape
Rain Forest
The Patriarchs
Trophy Point

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Bicycle (White)
Bicycle (Yellow)


















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(If desired)









Fall Colors



Florida Sunset

Hannah Covered Bridge



Harris Covered Bridge

Hayden Covered Bridge
Horse Creek Covered Bridge

Rain Forest


The Patriarchs

Trophy Point


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